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GCSE History

History GCSE introduces students to a wide range of people and events crucial to the contemporary world and develops skills such as empathy and the ability to argue effectively.

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The Specification

AQA History (8145)


Paper 1: Understanding the modern world:
1 hour 45 minutes | 84 marks

Paper 2: Shaping the nation:
1 hour 45 minutes | 84 marks

Course content 

Germany, 1890-1945
Democracy and dictatorship This period study focuses on the development of Germany during a turbulent half century of change. It was a period of democracy and dictatorship – the development and collapse of democracy and the rise and fall of Nazism. Students will study the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of these two developments and the role ideas played in influencing change. They will also look at the role of key individuals and groups in shaping change and the impact the developments had on them.

Conflict and tension: the First World War, 1894-1918
This wider world depth study enables students to understand the complex and diverse interests of the Great Powers and other states. It focuses on the causes, nature and conclusion of the First World War and seeks to show how and why conflict occurred, and why it proved difficult to bring the war to a conclusion. This study also considers the role of key individuals and groups in shaping change and how they were affected by and influenced international relations.

Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day
This option focuses on the following questions: Why has there been progress in the health of the British people?; How and why has the pace and scale of medical development varied at different times?;
What impact has medical progress had on people and society?; How and why have different factors been more important than others for individual medical developments?; What is the significance of key individuals or events in the history of medical development?

Elizabethan England, c1568-1603
This option allows students to study in depth a specified period, the last 35 years of Elizabeth I’s reign. The study will focus on major events of Elizabeth I’s reign considered from economic, religious, political, social and cultural standpoints, and arising contemporary and historical controversies.

Reading List

Oxford AQA GCSE History:
Conflict and Tension First World War 1894- 1918 Student Book

Paperback AQA GCSE History:
Health and the People

AQA GCSE History:
Elizabethan England, c1568-1603

AQA GCSE History:
Germany 1890-1945 Revision Guide (9-1)

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