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GCSE Physics

Course Length

One or two years.

Physics is the study of everyday things and how they work. The subject covers a very wide range of material and attempts to show the relationships which govern natural phenomena and the connections between them. Physics also provides a foundation for those who wish to study science at A level.

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The Specification

AQA Physics 8463 – The scheme of assessment consists of two tiers:
• Foundation Tier
• Higher Tier.
Foundation Tier assesses grades 1 to 5 and Higher tier assesses grades 4 to 9.


8463/1(F/H) | 1 hour 45 minutes | 50%
8463/2(F/H) | 1 hour 45 minutes | 50%

There are 10 required experiments that students must complete during the course, knowledge of the experiment, and techniques used, will be assessed within the two exam papers.

Course content – Paper 1

Topic 1 – Energy
P1.1 Energy changes and stores
P1.2 Conservation and dissipation of energy
P1.3 National and global energy resources

Topic 2 – Electricity
P2.1 Current, potential difference and resistance
P2.2 Series and parallel circuits
P2.3 Domestic uses and safety
P2.4 Energy transfers
P2.5 Static electricity (separate sciences only)

Topic 3 – Particle Model of matter
P3.1 Changes of state and the particle model
P3.2 Internal energy and energy transfers
P3.3 Particle model and pressure

Topic 4 – Atomic structure
P4.1 Atoms and isotopes
P4.2 Atoms and nuclear radiation
P4.3 Hazards and uses of radioactive emissions and
of background radiation (separate sciences only)
P4.4 Nuclear fission and fusion
(separate sciences only)

Course content – Paper 2

Topic 5 – Forces
P5.1 Forces and their interactions
P5.2 Work done and energy transfer
P5.3 Moments, levers and gears (separate
sciences only)
P5.4 Energy transfers
P5.5 Static electricity (separate sciences only)

Topic 6 – Waves
P6.1 Waves in air, fluids and solids
P6.2 Electromagnetic waves
P6.3 Black body radiation (separate sciences only)

Topic 7 – Magnetism and Electromagnetism
P7.1 Magnetic forces and fields
P7.2 The motor effect
P7.3 Induced potential and transformers
(separate sciences only)

Topic 8 – Space Physics
(separate sciences only)
P8.1 Stellar lifecycle (separate sciences only)
P8.2 Orbital motions; satellites
(separate sciences only)
P8.3 Red-shift (separate sciences only)

Reading List

AQA GCSE Physics 9-1 Student Book
Author Mitchell et. al.
Published by Collins

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