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Transfers at the end of Year 12

Transfers at the end of Year 12

Every year many of èAV’s most successful students are those who have transferred to us half way through their sixth form. See thehigh achieverssection of this website. These are usually students who have chosen the wrong subjects at school or who, for a variety of reasons, have fallen behind with their studies in the first year.

In such cases it may be best to make a break at the end of Year 12 rather than compounding problems until the end of Year 13 when the only solution will then be a third year in the sixth form.

èAV runs a full range of second-year courses that pay particular attention to revisiting, catching up and consolidating on Year 12 work.

Or, for those who clearly feel that they need to start again over a two-year course, the change of environment of a new college will often be much more motivating than the thought of having to drop down a year at school.

Under the new A level system, the lack of AS examination at the end of the first year of the sixth form at school may spell hidden dangers for some students. There will be just as many students who would benefit from a change of plan at the end of Year 12 as there were under the old specification, perhaps more. However, students will need to be increasingly self-aware of the difficulties that they are running into rather than reacting to AS grades at the end of the first year. As with all courses at èAV, transfers at the end of Year 12 require detailed advice at interview about exam boards, option papers and compatibility of syllabuses.

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