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Easter Revision

Easter Revision Courses

èAV has been running successful Easter Revision courses for over 30 years. Our courses focus on the following aspects which are essential for students’ confidence and good academic performance:

  • Intensive revision of core topics and examination practice
  • Emphasis on understanding rather than learning
  • Identification of the most common types of exam question set on each topic
  • Question-answering techniques and essay-writing skills
  • Study and revision skills
  • Exam board-specificity

Our tutors are highly-qualified graduates whose experience at èAV has trained them to be particularly adept at building students’ confidence quickly and efficiently. Many are GCSE and A level examiners and are therefore attuned to the requirements and approaches of the various examination boards. Easter students are taught in small groups (maximum of 9 students). Students must expect to be worked hard and tested regularly during their courses.

Fully-supervised, full-board accommodation is available for students who are unable to commute daily.

For further information about our Easter Revision courses, please call us on 01223 350158,complete the form belowor send us an email and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

Why do A level Revision Courses?
Why do GCSE Easter Revision Courses?

Easter Revision Course Dates 2025

Week 1: Monday 31 March – Friday 4 April
Week 2: Monday 7 April – Friday 11 April
Week 3: Monday 14 April – Friday 18 April

(Good Friday is 18 April; Easter Monday is 21 April 2025)

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We are often asked how much difference our courses can make. This is difficult to quantify, but everyyear we receive many letters, emails and telephone calls from students who attended revisioncourses and went on to achieve excellent exam grades and secure places at top universities. Aselection of comments from students and parents/guardians follows:

"Very helpful and extremely efficient, a noticeable improvement on my school work and grades due to the assistance of tutoring."

Max, Maths student, Easter Revision 2021

"I would just like to say thank you to [my tutor] Tony. Easter revision was seriously helpful and I did actually enjoy doing economics which I haven't really for the last couple of years."

Ben, Economics student, Easter Revision 2021

"I found my week at èAV very useful and definitely worth coming for. The tutor was extremely helpful and cleared all my weaknesses and concerns within Chemistry. My class environment was great and I liked having the small class sizes"

Chemistry student, Easter Revision 2019

"An extremely good revision week that taught me how to write essays effectively and also went into in depth knowledge of the subject. I feel a lot more confident and I now know what I need to do in the run up to my exam."

Politics student, Easter Revision 2019

"Revised all parts of the course in detail with appropriate handouts. Lots of feedback and advice given on how to achieve the top grades. Well structured. Fantastic teacher!”"

Spanish student, Easter Revision 2019

"The teacher really pushed me to revise. I am now confident for my exams and the material given is simply priceless. I really recommend this course which has always been a great investment of my time and money."

Chemistry student, Easter Revision 2018

"We got along incredibly. We talked a lot and History began to be more interesting. She was just incredible. We got to go over lots of topics, including answering exam questions. I am beyond ready at this point."

History student, Easter Revision 2018

"My week at èAV has been highly informative, very in-depth and mentally challenging. The course has been very beneficial as a form of revision to upcoming exams. My class has been really enthusiastic and helpful in the further development of my revision and study skills"

Business student, Easter Revision 2018

"A hugely beneficial experience – shows the areas where you need more work on. I feel that I have gained some new and valuable skills"

Maths and Biology student, Easter Revision 2017

"I really believe that my Easter Revision course is the reason I have ended up at my first choice university studying a course I am excited to begin."

Economics student, Easter Revision 2017

"My daughter says that the teacher was really excellent. She felt the course was thoroughly worth it and it exceeded her expectations. She not only enjoyed it and felt she learnt a lot, she also said to me that she was given a new perspective on and an increased interest in the subject, coupled with finding a better and more productive way of learning and revising. I would like to pass on my thanks to the teacher too."

a parent of a Biology student, Easter Revision 2018

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the excellently run GCSE revision sessions that my son attended. He achieved a lot and the lessons in all subjects have really helped him consolidate his knowledge. We would definitely recommend èAV and he will be keen to join you for a similar A level programme."

a parent of an English, Maths, Chemistry and Physics student, Easter Revision 2018

"Just to say how much my son enjoyed his time at èAV. It seems to have made a difference to his understanding of his subjects. It has made revision much more fun than sitting on his own."

a parent of a French, Maths and Physics student, Easter Revision 2017

"Just a quick note to say what a success the two weeks of revision were for my daughter. Both her tutors were excellent and she has learnt so much and is now much more confident in the subject and understands the work she has to do. We will definitely recommend you to everyone!"

parents of a Business student, Easter Revision 2016


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