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Course Length

Two years (or one year depending on individual circumstances).

The course

Besides being fun and having multiple real life implications, the knowledge of a foreign language is ever more valuable in an increasingly connected world. Many employers look for knowledge of at least one other language across a wide range of jobs. Understanding the German language is a first step to understanding the people and culture of the countries where German is spoken.

The five main themes of the course are the following:

• Identity and Culture
• Local Area and Holiday and Travel
• School
• Future Aspirations (study and work)
• International and Global Dimension

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What skills do I need?

The aim is to acquire the sufficient tools to be able to produce spoken or written responses in different contexts. In order to achieve this goal, you will need an interest in other cultures and a willingness to learn and revise vocabulary regularly for each topic. A logical mind will also help to cope with the grammar.

How is the course assessed?

There are four papers which are worth 25% each of the total examination. The use of dictionaries is not permitted. This also concerns the preparation time during Paper 2, the oral examination.

Paper 1will test your listening skills in German. Foundation tier: 35 minutes including 5 minutes’ reading time. Higher tier: 45 minutes including 5 minutes’ reading time. Students will respond to multiple-response and short- answer open response questions.

Paper 2is the speaking in German examination. This exam will be internally conducted and externally assessed. Foundation tier: 7-9 minutes plus 12 minutes’ preparation time. Higher tier: 10-12 minutes plus 12 minutes’ preparation time. There are three tasks: a role play, questions based on a picture stimulus and a conversation based on two themes of the course.

Paper 3is reading and understanding in German. Foundation tier: 45 minutes, higher tier: 1 hour. There will be a range of different types of text including advertisements, emails, articles and literary texts. Students are required to respond to multiple-response and short-answer questions.

Paper 4will test your writing skills in German. Foundation tier: 1 hour 10 minutes, higher tier: 1 hour 20 minutes. Students are assessed on their ability to communicate effectively through writing in German for different purposes and audiences. Word counts are specified for each question and students must answer all questions. There will also be a translation from English into German.


(provided by college)

Stimmt! Edexcel GCSE 9-1 German Higher
By Harriette Lanzer, Michael Spencer, Carolyn Batstone & Lisa Probert
Published by Pearson Education Ltd ISBN 9781292118192

A German/English dictionary is vital.Please note that dictionaries are not allowed in any of the exams.

Exam Board and Specification Codes

Edexcel German 1GN0

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