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Counselling and Wellbeing at èAV

Therapy is available and free to all èAV Cambridge students in-person or remotely. Our college Chartered Psychologist, Heena Chudasama is available on Wednesdays 9am- 5pm during term time. Our college accredited and registered Counsellor, Tom Huber is available from Monday to Friday 9am-5pm throughout the year. Appointments can be booked at a time that is convenient to you.

What is counselling for?

Counselling can offer you a space in which to explore any difficulty you may be having in your life. This can be a short, medium or long term concern. If you are worried, down or confused, talking things over can help you to make sense of how you feel and find new ways of dealing with problems, without being judged or told what to do. Counselling is not about being given advice but rather helping you to find your own answers and gain more control in your life.

Examples of issues you might bring to counselling

    Is it confidential?

    Yes. Nothing you say will be shared with anyone else without your permission. The only exception to this rule is if you or someone else is at risk of harm. The limits of confidentiality will be clearly explained in your first session.

    What happens at the first appointment?

    You will be told a bit more about the service and asked a few questions about what is troubling you, your history and what you hope to get out of sessions. You may also be asked to complete a questionnaire or two to help identify your needs and current concern. It is important that we see you as a whole person and therefore promote a biopsychosocial approach in understand and support you. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. However you are welcome to ask us any questions you might have throughout the duration of the sessions or via email.

    How long does counselling last?

    If you decide to arrange further sessions after your initial appointment you will usually be offered a minimum of 6 sessions. It might be the case that you require fewer or additional sessions , it is important to work according to your need. You will be offered a session at the same time every week. Sessions last up to 50 minutes.

    Where is the Counselling Service and how do I get an appointment?

    The counselling service is based at Brookside. For more information or if you would like to book an initial session, please email:

    Or Speak to your DoS or member of the Safeguarding team

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