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Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Student Testimonials
èAV London

"èAV allows you to excel both academically and personally. Numerous opportunities arise and when you grasp them you see results. Pastoral support coupled with personalized lessons and the continuous assistance from all members of staff have made my experience extraordinary and have shaped my future in the best way possible!"


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A*A* Progressed to: King's College to read Accounting and Finance

"The teachers were caring, and the art department was great at encouraging us to reach our potential, they are patient and they care! I was also treated like an adult and given the opportunity to explore my own self-interests within an academic context. For the two years at èAV my DoS has been very committed to my helping me succeed and she also offered support in the context of my personal needs as I had faced some health difficulties before attending the college. The pastoral system led me to advance beyond these previous conditions. I also received personalised guidance with making course and university choices."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A* Progressed to: Wimbledon College of Arts reading Theatre Design

"èAV has such welcoming and friendly staff and students, it is such a homely community! The Directors of studies was one of my favourite things about èAV. It is so nice to know you always have someone there to discuss any of your worries as well as successes. All of the DOS 's are very easy to talk to and do everything they can to support you. This also helped hugely when doing UCAS!
The quality of teaching is excellent and that has really pushed me to do the best that I can do. Small class sizes are also a huge plus for a more individually focused learning experience."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A Progressed to: University of Bristol to read Geography

"The teaching at èAV was excellent, the small class sizes and the fact my teachers focused on the most important topics and what was necessary. My Director of Studies was so helpful and supportive during my time at èAV."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A Progressed to: University of Britstol to read Maths

"èAV has such a warm and friendly environment and the staff always make sure you feel comfortable and welcome. The experience of attending èAV was overwhelmingly positive and I would always be excited to come in and learn. They enabled me to regain my self-belief and feel confident with my subjects. èAV made a huge difference to me and helped me to improve by two grades in each subject within a year. This means I am going to my first choice university. I was worried about having to spend my gap year at a college retaking my A levels but èAV made it as enjoyable an experience as it could be and I came out with a lovely group of new friends and a new-found confidence, I couldn't recommend it more!"


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A* Progressed to: University of Leeds to read Natural Sciences

"I felt like I had outgrown boarding so I moved to èAV to complete my GCSEs. èAV gives you much more freedom and trust than boarding school, which I think has really benefited me and given me the confidence to make my own good decisions. The teachers make you work really hard but it pays off! The focus is much more academic than at my previous school, which is what I needed for my grades, and with the small classes, they can tailor the teaching to what suits you and adapt to your needs. Having a Director of Studies is great as well, I found it particularly good at the beginning having someone who I could approach and could show me around.
I would recommend èAV, particularly because I like how they let you manage your own time and make your own decisions. It felt really good to gain some independence!"


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A* Progressed to: Sixth from at Brighton College. Hatty says:

"Moving from Australia, I chose to study at èAV to get into Medical school in the U.K. Studying three A levels in one year was very hard but if you are prepared to show commitment èAV will support you all the way. Attention to the individual, rigorous teaching and genuinely good pastoral care. I have achieved my goal and made lifelong friends. "


Grades achieved at èAV: AAA Progressed to: Read Medicine at the University of Leicester

"èAV made a daunting process into a manageable one. From the day I joined I felt welcomed and every member of staff has been helpful and friendly. Every teacher is highly knowledgeable in their field and they are dedicated to helping us achieve the grades we need. The Director of Studies system means we were well taken care of throughout our time at èAV and there is a perfect balance of helping us whilst still maintaining our independence and being treated as respected adults. The teachers are very approachable and patient and this makes the learning environment relaxed but focused. èAV provided me with everything I needed to have a successful university application, and it is clear that the staff really care about each individual student. Most importantly, being at èAV brought back my academic confidence and by the time it was exam season I felt very well prepared."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A Progressed to: Read Neuroscience at King's College London

"I decided to retake half of my A levels as I had a change of heart about the course I wanted to study at university and there was room for improvement in the grades that I had achieved. I therefore took the opportunity to take a gap year, do some travelling and improve my grades. I chose to study at èAV due to a few reasons, the main one being that a large amount of my friends had attended their Easter courses and found them extremely useful. The other reason being due to their excellent reputation for retake students. èAV provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet new people who were in a similar situation to me, which made it easy to settle in and make new friends. They were also more than willing to cater to my exact needs, providing one on one sessions and a tutor that I could go to if I had any queries."


Grades achieved at èAV: AA Progressed to: Read Biological Science at the University of Surrey

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