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Cecil Chan

Cecil ChanChemistry Tutor – Cecil Chan

Cecil holds a BSc in Chemistry from London, a PhD in Chemistry from London and a PGCE. He joined èAV in 2017, having previously taught at Lansdowne College, CATS London, Abbey (DLD) College London and Ashbourne College.

Cecil was awarded 1st Prize for Presentation at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference, University of Nottingham, 1995. Inhibitors of Trypanathione Reductase as Potential Antitrypanosomal Drugs, C. Chan, K.T. Douglas et al.

Role at èAV

I’m an A level Chemistry and IGCSE Science Double Award (Chemistry) tutor at èAV London. I also teach on the Easter Revision courses, covering different exam boards.

Research and Publications

The following is a summary of the distinguished positions that Cecil held during his early career, and a summary of his notable research projects and publications.

    Early Career in Research
    Selected Publications

    Describe èAV

    I really enjoy working at èAV, the staff are nice, and we work well as a staff body. The students are very nice, and we (the tutors) build enjoyable rapport with them. It’s nice to interact with young people, seeing them doing well and going forward into life – I find it rewarding.

    About You

    I enjoy visiting museums and going to concerts with friends – I like music of all sorts, particularly ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and some classical. I like to play around with creating new dishes in the kitchen. I’m currently learning Tai Chi, it’s not just the exercise it’s the philosophy of it too. I particularly like certain areas of science, chemistry and biochemistry, and enjoy speaking in front of a class on these subjects.

    Tips for Future èAV Students

    To think ahead and consider their future. For chemistry students, I’d encourage them to view their studies in the context of their intended career and how it’s used there, so they can get into the area of chemistry that is most relevant.


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