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Peter Zhao

Director of Studies – Peter Zhao

Peter Zhao

Peter read Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, London. Prior to joining èAV London (in 2018), he was a Mathematics Teacher and Personal Tutor at Lansdowne College.

Role at èAV

I’m a Director of Studies (DoS), so I oversee students’ attendance and academic performance and then I communicate between them (the students) and their parents and teachers. I also tutor GCSE Maths each week and as part of Easter Revision.

As a DoS, I meet my students regularly and we discuss their academic performance, their test results. We also discuss their mental health and wellbeing and if they are worried about anything I can recommend them to our college counsellor. It’s meeting students regularly to find out if they have any issues, so you can help to solve them.

Why Maths?

Maths has always been my favourite subject, although I studied engineering at university, I love Maths. I was inspired by my Maths teacher when I was studying for my A levels in Cambridge, so I thought this could be a very good opportunity for me to teach some Maths in the future and my dreams have now come true.

Maths Beyond the Classroom

We run the Senior Maths challenge every year, in November. The Maths Challenge has two rounds – so if students get a very good grade in the first round, they will be invited to the second.

Peter Beyond èAV

My personal hobby is playing badminton and table tennis, until a couple of years ago I was a registered player at Badminton England.

Describe èAV in 3 Words

Students come first.

Any tips for èAV students?

Make sure if you have any problems you go to your Director of Studies, so they can negotiate between the students, parents and teachers, so we get the best outcome.


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