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Drama GCSE

Drama GCSE

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The course

Drama is an immensely exciting subject leading to the understanding of a wide range of play texts; an awareness of the historical forces which shaped them; increased self and group awareness and, finally, creativity, self-confidence, self-discipline and communication. The subject is a perfect complement to English Literature and English Language; it is also an appropriate preparation for the former subject at A level as well as, of course, Theatre Studies. Full advantage is taken of the college’s proximity to London theatres, enabling us to take full account of section B of the examined unit. Overall, the course enables students to explore both the theoretical and practical aspects of drama and the theatre arts and that balance is maintained in the teaching itself, week by week, as students move between the practical and academic demands of the course.

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What skills do I need?

You need an interest in performance and performing.

How is the course assessed?

The GCSE content is split into three components. Component 1 (Understanding Drama) is a written examination that lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and is worth 40% of the final qualification. As well as an analysis and evaluation of a piece of live theatre, students will be given an extract of the set text, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and expected to answer questions analysing performance and design aspects of the play. Component 2 (Devising Drama) is a chance for students to create an original piece of drama supported by a portfolio of evidence and is worth 40% of the final qualification. Component 3 (Texts in Practice) is another practical element of the qualification worth 20% of the final GCSE that requires students to select a play and to perform two extracts from it for an external examiner.


The Crucible
By Arthur Miller

Exam Board and Specification Code

AQA 8261

Richard Martin
Head of Department

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