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Success Stories

Success Stories

Everyone would agree that one of the most rewarding aspects of working at èAV is witnessing how the college can transform students’ attitude to their education and enhance their life chances.

Every èAV student has individual needs and aspirations that we nurture with tailor-made programmes devised especially for them.

Oursuccess storiesdemonstrate not only thewide variety of studentswho choose èAV but also how the college has enabled them to achieve their goals. You can alsobrowse some of thecommentswe have received from parents.

Class of 2023

"My teachers were all very helpful and made achieving the grades I wanted seem uncomplicated. Apart from going over the A level content multiple times, we had a lot of practice through exam practice and mock exams, which made me feel confident in the real exam. "


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A Progressed to: University of Exeter to read Law with European Study

"Upon enrolling at èAV for the one-year GCSE programme, I quickly came to appreciate the abundance of resources and opportunities tailored to unlocking one's academic potential. The benefits ranged from small class settings to 1-1 sessions with subject teachers, complemented by exceptional study materials. Not only was there excellent academic support, but also a fantastic Director of Studies system that ensured each student was given personalised guidance along the way, making studying at èAV a truly great experience!"


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A Progressed to: Imperial College London to read Medicine

"èAV has aided me greatly in both academic and personal development. Throughout my time at èAV, I was always provided with the support I needed to excel in my studies. From university planning to exam practice, èAV prepared me fully with excellent teachers and staff and an outstanding Director of Studies who were always willing to help me, making studying at èAV a wonderful experience."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*AAB Progressed to: King's College London to read War Studies

"I can’t thank èAV (and specifically the Art Department) enough for all the help and support that they have given me in my GCSEs and A levels. The Art department are the truest version of child led education that I have had the privilege to encounter over my years of education. Greg and his team are passionate about the arts and are true artists and creators themselves, they all have a deep understanding of the environment necessary for a pupil to thrive and do their best work. The teaching style is very much to listen to the pupil, understand their passions, their dreams and see them for who they are, encourage them and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves. The facilities are second to none, and the teacher’s knowledge of the subjects and the arts in general are outstanding. During my time at èAV, I learnt confidence and appreciation of myself as an artist, this combined with a safe space of kindness, mutual respect, and inspiration allowed me to achieve more than I could have ever imagined with excitement and determination about my future journey. It goes without saying that I would recommend the college to anyone wishing to explore the arts and figure out their journey within it."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A* Progressed to: Central Saint Martins (UAL) to study the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design specialising in Fashion and Textile Design

"I joined èAV in September 2021 to do my A levels, and I chose to do Art, Textiles and Sociology. I found that the Art department really helped me with expressing myself and coming out of my shell work and personal wise. I found that in my previous school I was confined but at èAV the teachers challenged and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and to try out completely new techniques and materials. They allowed me to express myself as I am and supported me. èAV approaches teaching as if you were at university, the relationship with the teachers is very open, they teach you to take responsibility and to work independently. èAV has an amazing Art facility with all the resources you need, you have access to all the rooms at any time of day and they are always there to help you. I would definitely recommend this college to any creative person."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*C Progressed to: Kingston University to read Interior Design

"During my final year of A-levels (Year 13), I became a part of èAV; this marked my introduction to an entirely novel approach to teaching and school ethos. In just under a year, I knew I had to learn entirely new case studies for my Geography A level, as well as a dramatic shift in my English literature subject focus from the “Immigrant Experience” to “Gothic literature”, which was also coupled with honing my photographic skills and comprehension. Before joining èAV, I considered managing all this new information and acquiring effective revision methods in just one school year an insurmountable task. Nevertheless, within the nurturing atmosphere of èAV, I discovered a reassuring haven. Its embrace of diversity enabled my creative brain to flourish as I felt accepted, which led to me to attain an A* in Photography. Moreover, the unwavering support offered by the teachers is honestly amazing – through prioritizing individual sessions, promptly responding to emails, providing insightful feedback on my assignments, and demonstrating patience while explaining the importance of exam strategies, I successfully secured A grades in both Geography and English literature. "


Grades achieved at èAV: A*AA Progressed to: Considering the next step on her academic journey

"Having taken a year out when I was 16, èAV helped to re-immerse myself into the education system. Its small class sizes and tutor set up was so helpful in allowing me to find how I learn best and then go on to achieve grades that I never thought I could obtain through close support. The èAV Art Department were so incredible in teaching me new skills and pushing me to my full potential which I never knew I had. èAV as a whole is very inclusive and understanding which I find makes the college so special and unique."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A Progressed to: Cardiff University

"The èAV Art Department is unlike any other I have experienced or seen before, their team is genuinely dedicated to helping and supporting everyone, regardless of their style of work or creative background. I joined èAV at the start of Year 13, having left my previous school as I felt it had failed to support my creative dream and passion. The èAV Art Team were more than helpful in smoothing my transition of both school and course requirements, supporting me through every step of the way and ensuring I was never lost or alone. They always listened to my creative ideas, rather than imposing theirs, consistently supporting and ensuring I had a clear plan for future projects. The Art team is made up of a special group of members, all professionally talented artists who specialise in diverse areas and with the support and assistance of the èAV Art Department, I was able to go from being predicted a B, from my previous school, to ultimately achieving an A*. It is as a result of èAV’s drive and encouragement, helping me curate my portfolio and preparing me for my interview and to ultimately achieving my A*, which led to my being accepted onto my chosen BSc course at UCL."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*AB Progressed to: UCL to read Architecture

"èAV allows you to excel both academically and personally. Numerous opportunities arise and when you grasp them you see results. Pastoral support coupled with personalized lessons and the continuous assistance from all members of staff have made my experience extraordinary and have shaped my future in the best way possible!"


Grades achieved at èAV: A*A*A*A* Progressed to: King's College to read Accounting and Finance

"I joined èAV in Year 11 and was apprehensive about completing the GCSE programme in one year. However I found that the structure enabled me to really focus on my academic studies and to learn to be responsible for my work. The relationship with the tutors was very grown up and they really believed in me from the beginning. The small class sizes made me more confident to participate and increased my independence. I discovered abilities in Maths and Science, subjects which I had previously discounted. The quality of the pastoral care and the flexibility enabled me to achieve results that I didn’t think possible."


Grades achieved at èAV: 100% of her grades at A*/A or 9-7 Progressed to: Sixth Form at èAV

"I came here to get my grades and I really like èAV because they get things done. We make good use of our time and everything is so well organised. The teaching that I received for Further Maths in particular was incredibly well planned out with good continuity between topics and lots of relevant examples. By the time you come to having a go at any past papers, you are incredibly well prepared. The Director of Studies system is different to what I've previously experienced and it works. My Director of Studies is fantastic. She's on top of everything, she's very quick to get back to me if I have a question and she's really supportive. I would recommend èAV because it makes it easy to get the grades you're looking for, no matter what type of student you are they will really make it work for you."


Grades achieved at èAV: A*AAB Progressed to: UCL to read Mechanical Engineering and Business Finance

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