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Italian IGCSE

Italian IGCSE

Course Length

One or two years.

The course

By learning a foreign language, you give yourself the chance to see the world in a different way. You can explore a new culture and access films, plays and books as they were meant to be seen and read. You will also increase your employability as there is always a demand for people who can speak more than one language across a very wide range of careers. This course focuses primarily on the natural use of language in authentic situations.

There are five topic areas which you will become familiar. In Everyday activities you will learn how to describe home life and school, food, health and fitness. In Personal and social life you will expand your vocabulary to include self, family and personal relationships, and holidays and special occasions. In The world around us you will study the topics of your home town and local area, the natural and made environment, and people, places and customs. In The world of work you will approach basic issues related to continuing education, careers and employment, and language and communication in the work place. Finally, in The international world you will develop the language need to talk about tourism at home and abroad, life in other countries and communities, and world events and issues.

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What skills do I need?

You need an interest in languages and the culture of another country and its people.

How is the course assessed?

The IGCSE assessment is composed of four units. In Paper 1 (Listening), you will be tested on your ability to understand spoken Italian. The spoken material heard will include both formal (eg telephone messages) and informal speech (eg social interaction). The exam lasts approximately 45 minutes and is worth 25% of the marks.

In Paper 2 (Reading Comprehension), you will be tested on your ability to read and understand written Italian. The examination consists of a number of short texts, notices or news reports in Italian which include a range of settings and styles, both formal and informal (for example text messages, advertisements, emails). The exam lasts 1 hour and is worth 25% of the marks.

In Paper 3 (Speaking in Italian), you must demonstrate the ability to use the Italian language for different pur- poses and in different settings. You will be assessed on two role plays, followed by a chosen topic presentation, conversation on the topic, and then general conversation. The speaking test lasts approximately 15 minutes is worth 25% of the marks.

In Paper 4 (Writing), you will respond in the target language to three tasks. You must demonstrate the ability to communicate in writing for different purposes, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the Italian language. You must use a wide variety of idiom, vocabulary, structure and appropriate tenses as you describe, give details, and express simple feelings and opinions in Italian. The exam lasts 1 hour and is worth 25% of the marks.


The Oxford Study Italian Dictionary
Edited by D. Bressan, P. Glennan P
Published by OUP, ISBN 978-0195553109

Exam Board and Specification Code

Cambridge 7164

Ana Abad Jara
Head of Department

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